Cam and His Brown of the Day


  • Met up with known Trout Slayer/Spin Angler Extrodinare Cam “The Brown Crusher”.
  • Started on a stretch of NEW H.I. Work under cloudy skies but bailed after Utter BOREDOM Set in.
  • Cloudy Skies, Low Water, Active Trout.
  • Midge Crawling in the snow as early as 11am.
  • The Monotony of NEW H.I. forced a move to Untouched Water
  • First Fish on the Second Creek…. 20inches of BNT. Nice

The Fish

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  1. Thanks for the good times. I wish we wouldnt have wasted so much time earlier that day. “waisted” might be a bit strong but the second stop was much more enjoyable even besides the obvious. 4/1 is just around the corner, still interested?

    avatar Cam

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