Hit up a new stretch of water south of me on the advice that I might find a winter brookie hold up there. Pulled up to a very small trout stream and despite below freezing air temps and wind too boot we hit the water. Along for the fun: the dog, the little blonde, and another family of trouble makers. Two rods, two dogs, two women, and two men hit one stream and had a great afternoon in the sun. 

The Crew

Roadside SpringSaw quite a few fish but I caught none. I have plans to return hopefully sooner than later. Water temps higher than usual peeked my interest. At one point the water flows from a drainage pipe just below the road, this is spring water for sure. On the other side of the road a small pond no more than 4 feet across but no ice, spring water. 

Trout Stream  Clean and Clear Trout Water  Creek Curves  Trout Stream

Catching fish was difficult today, perfectly clear water and difficult casting conditions made it a challenge. After scouting the stream I am more confident that I can return and catch a fish. This place was brilliant in the cold sun, I was excited to be in this place. A Good Day. 

Sershen Bros Fishing for Trout


  1. Thanks man! Eventually I’d like to make the stream my office. We shall see. The BWO’s aught to start there first run here in a few weeks. This is my first spring ffing so i have yet to see the naturals come out but I will be paying attention. I’ll be stoping by I dig your site. Peace

    -the winona fly factory

    avatar winonaflyfactory

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