Liz and I were out and about taking photographs for her class and decided to stop by a section of water that is close to town. I haven’t fished this tight section of water. This would be a roll cast only zone. Still I love looking at the water, trying to find what I’m looking for. I have yet to see a single fish in this stream but I’m still looking.

      Trout Stream       the w.f.f.


  1. Try the area upstream of the bridge that is behind you in your second photo. There is a bend with cut run that holds trout in the winter. Upstream, in the next neighborhood on the edge of town, there are plenty of trout and no anglers. If it is big like a sucker I can guarantee you that its really a hog Brown. The people whom live in the houses on that creek don;t care if you are going along it however it gets nasty in there quickly and there is lots of timber in the creek, but that is habitat for trout.

  2. Thanks Heath, I’m going to be planning my winter runs soon. I am going with a semi-methodical plan for time of day, weather, distance and temperature. I was checking out some of your crooked creek photo’s I want to give that one another go.

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