I managed to get sick and stayed home from work on the last day of the season. I watched from the couch as the sun went down on the last day of trout fishing. This was my first season and frankly I didn’t realize that I could have been fishing much earlier in the year. I started hard in June. I spent weeks watching casting video’s on youtube then practicing in the park across the street probably looking like a fool. I learned so much in the last few months I’m amazed. I have more to go though. I started tying flies a few weeks after I started fishing and I got some advice and starting materials from my friend Heath and my dad got me a took kit for christmas that I didn’t think I would ever want to use but damn I did a 180 on that. I bought a much nicer vice and have plans this winter to tie 50 dozen flies for next season. I tie slow now and have to get some more materials but I think a 50 dozen is a good goal before March 1. For now I’m doing some reading up on entomology for this area and learning new things to help for the next time I get to hunt a trout. Its funny, I have little to no desire to fish for anything else. I feel that the fish of the area are creatures so smart that they must be approached as if you were hunting. I don’t see that with catching a walleye from a boat. I can’t hold a spinner rod in my hand anymore. I am thinking about doing some bass fishing next season with my fly rod but thats about it. I’m addicted to trout.

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