driftlessloveDriftless Love. This is a compilation of footage I’ve taken over the last couple years. I put this together for a Citizens Watershed Summit last fall and I’ve been holding onto it since then. Part of me is really not a fan of dialogue in my videos and until now there hasn’t been any. I was asked by the organizer of the summit to put togather a video that explained why I love this area and after looking through archival footage this is what I came up with. Some of this video you might recognize and a bunch of it is stuff that either didn’t make the cut at the time or I never got to making a video with it. I’m not super happy with the dialogue, I found it difficult to explain my thoughts in a way that I felt did it justice. What you get here is an imperfect product but as I type that I realize that it is just as imperfect as I am so I guess it’s just right. So if you’re bored or just want an escape from the snow outside and you can’t get creekside enjoy this from the winonflyfactory to you. I give you “Driftless Love”.


  1. Nicely done! As like you the driftless is my heart and soul. When I am in a stream the world simply washes away and all there is, is all you see,all you hear and all you feel. Thanks again man!

    avatar J.D

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