August 3rd, Down by the River

Down by the River.Pretty cool night tonight, there is a great Neil Young tune that goes “down by the river, I shot my baby.” I thought of it on the way back to the house. Liz and I took the dog out swimming the other day at a beach area near my house and found it to have some potential for fishing. Tonight I volunteered to take the dog swimming and brought the rod and one popper. I had to let her swim through the area quite a bit before I was able to wet a line. After some reading and asking questions a bit of effort paid off tonight. Lily sat on the beech chewing on a log while I launched a black and red popper with my…3wt. I need to fix this problem but for now I have to work with what I have. I can get it out there a good 40-60 feet but not with wind and it doesn’t look pretty.


Getting ready to go.

Smallie? This aside I was taking my time, popping semi-erratically and sure enough I saw the top of this fish emerge just prior to a toilet flushing on my fly. I set the hook and it was on. 1st difficulty was the fact that the dog was all over it trying to swim with it while I tried to land the fish…on the 3wt. I felt a bit under matched but to spare fish ten minutes of fighting I had it run up the beech landed with the dog sniffing the whole way. I sent the fish on its way and let the dog go swimming a while longer. She calmed one more time and sat on the beach. I put the fly in again, this time a bit further out into the Mighty Mississippi and stripped it in. At 10ft I saw a huge gulp and my fly was no more. Fish took my popper and sent me and the dog home. I will be back soon.


  1. good fish! looks like your getting the hang of the warm water gig. good job!

  2. That’s a mighty fine smally there, keep up the good work and enjoy the fight that comes with these small mouths, it can be quite the rush!

  3. I’m working on it guys, gotta get on a 7wt. rig soon. I’ll keep at it though.

  4. that’s a broad smallie. nice work!

  5. Smallies on poppers is in the top tier of angling experiences, IMO. Sweet fish meets sweet method ~ good result. Lost poppers keep you at it. Cool report.

  6. Dang, nice fish! A nice contrast to tying #24 spinners for sipping trout eh?

    Check out one more foam fly in regards to your hoppicator post:


  7. Down By The River…sounds like a Neil Young “flamed” on some forums here in CA for posting about ” That Place”


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