It’s Thursday morning and I’m planning the day, got to get the day job done then looking forward to the evening bike race that is the leg day rip fest at the local bike shop. Load the bike in the car after the first cup of coffee this morning and it’s about this time the wife asks me…”You want to stop and catch a couple trout for dinner before your ride?” My head turned and a grin flashed across my face. “Sure thing babe.” And with that the bike got loaded followed by the rod and the tub with the boots and gear needed to get the job done. 

Work done and dusted, the creek calling. Cooler full of ice (I wouldn’t have time to swing home before the ride) and I’m pulling up to put on the wet wading gear. Early summer, bank foliage is getting knee high. Parsnip is getting taller and the deer flies are out. It’s humid, got .45in of rain this morning and the creek is slightly off when I see it for the first time. The creek foliage is getting thick already and I’m here for dinner. The nymph rig is employed immediately. #14 bead head PT trailed by a #16 orange scud, simply effective.

I hiked downstream to the spot and sat on the bank, from this location I’d hook and land 8 fish. Two the right size, 11inches. Two more were nicer in the 13-15 range and 4 were smaller in the 6-8inch range. I moved upstream and landed a couple more, time was running short. Got one more in the right range  but it managed to elude the knife in the final moments of our interaction. The bike and the soon to be burning legs were calling. Put the dinner on ice and hit the road. Soon it will be stimulators, hoppers trailed with droppers. Summer is going to come fast. 


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