Fly Fishing and Tying MagazineThe Winter 09′ issue of Fly Fishing and Tying Journal has two great sections that provide alot of good advice for both tying and fishing caddis patterns and of even more help is a nice tutorial on the selection and application of deer hair. The article goes into how to select hair based on the type/size of fly as well as what you want the hair to do, lay flat? or flare? It explains where on the deer you would find hair for different applications and it discusses what time of year the hair is taken from thus dictating length and size (hollow), relating to types of flies, dries vs. emerger.

I should admit that I don’t know if I fully agree with all the points made in the article, I don’t know if it matters as much as they make it seem but I have much to learn, we shall see I suppose. If your in Winona and want to pick it up, the bookstore in the mall has it available but as much as reading the article can help really the practice and repetition of tying these several times is the best way to get the hair issue down, I know I could use more work.

If you know the album behind the magazine you will know a bit more about me. One of the best ever made, listen to it while tying.

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