Man… the smackdown, the skinny goes something like this. The night before, arrival to eat a good burger, tie up some flies and BS about the next day, probably the highlight of the PFSD this year. A bit of whiskey was found, rods were readied and fly boxes packed. Hoping for more snow than rain. Woke at 6am to find rain, which continued all day long and gained in strength as the day wore on. Icy slow going in the early AM continued throughout the day. Fishing was slow for us, I caught 8 all day. Basically, dismal and not for a lack of effort. Nymphing, fishing the hairball as a streamer, little took. Cut off one creek at 11am to find rainbows on another to pick up our low morning numbers only to find our fellow competitors just upstream, out of respect we decided to take off, slow going we cut to one last creek. Difficult fishing, spooky trout, low water, excuses mainly. Found a 21 inch rainbow poorly filleted in a catch and release section…humans. Decided after watching the air temp drop that it would be best if we bailed early, 3pm we cut to the cabin, left a note and grabbed what was left. We did clean up the bacon mess made in the early hours. Made it home before roads got potentially dangerous, the right choice for us at the time. Got spanked by Randy and Otte, the “Chairman Meow” smoked the competition. Randy went 31, Otte 18. Rained basically all day, tails between our legs we accepted fate. The water looked good, the trout were just not very active and moral perhaps slipped as the day went on. What I wouldn’t have given for it to have just gone straight snow all day. The saving grace was the wind, thank you wind gods for giving us that at least. With all that it was still a day on the creek which always wins out.



  1. Knowing that the PFSD was going to be held in Iowa this year I spent a significant amount of time getting to know the creeks south of the border in an attempt (failed) to get a leg up on my competition, prior to this season I was familiar with a couple, now I’ve seen a good number of Iowa creeks.

    Some beautiful country in Northeast Iowa.

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