1. Hi!

    I stumbled across this site through a comment on flyfishing chatroom i frequent.

    Must say i am thoroughly enjoying browsing your site. Fishing here in Iceland is just starting to take off. The first lakes and streams opened on April Fools. Been a bit cold here, around 1-5°c, so the trout isn’t to frisky at the moment, at least not in the lakes. The streams are another story.

    I really like the look of those nymphs. Do you ever give up the materials you use?

    Anyways, i think i’ll be a regular on here for years to come.

    Tight lines.

    avatar Eiður Kristjánsson
    1. Eiður,

      Glad you like the site, I work hard at it. I do give up the materials for my flies every so often. I’ll shoot you an email with the materials for this particular fly. Keep in touch, never had someone from Iceland read my work, it put a grin on my face. Take care

      the w.f.f.

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