Just prior to my wedding Sept. 6, 2014 I packed all my materials and bench up so that our house would be ready for additional guests. Over a year later with a newly re-finished bedroom and I finally have a place for my bench again. It took a couple days to get things sorted out and organized but I’m in a good place now. I tied a couple larger simple leech patterns just to make sure I could get the job done and much like riding a bike I whip finished those flies on the first attempt. Felt good. I committed to a fly swap with some of the local guys in the area so I’ll be back at the bench a bit more soon. Good way to spend the sub-zero days.  



  1. Good to see your back at it man! I’ve been Getting a few flies tied up too. Stocking the boxes back up. They were hit pretty hard this past season. Which is a good thing because its means we were getting out a lot. Life does get busy and sometimes it seems hard to find the time to tie. I don’t know about you but that creative side of my soul needs to get after it to keep me centered. Great to see you back posting some stuff again! Keep on,keepin’ on man!

    avatar J.D
    1. I get a bit particular when I’m tying, I can’t seem to start unless everything is clean with all my materials I need in front of me, this mostly results in me spending more time getting ready to tie as opposed to actually tying sometimes. I am excited for the swap as it will be a motivator for me, glad the first dozen from this last weekend were decent given how long it’s been since I tied a trout fly. I still have hundreds in boxes…

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