Hook: Dai-Riki 135 #16

Thread: White 6/0

Abdomen: Lt. Dun CDC Wrapped Forward

Underwing: Final Wraps of CDC

Wing: Deer Hair Tied Short

Thorax: Olive Rabbit/Nymph Dubbing

Notes: No Additional Weight, Just the bead.

This is a pattern like many that I’ve been working on that I have not fished yet (I started fly fishing/tying this past June). It should be interesting to see next season how I do trying the variety of flies I’ve been working on. This pattern has a good detailed description of the CDC application on the link below Flytiers.


  1. Thanks. This was the first time I used CDC. I find myself questioning sometimes the amount of materials or length of wings. I’m sticking to a sparse rule and trying not to overdress. I guess it just comes with time and research.

    avatar winonaflyfactory

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