Video: Find the Midge

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Beautiful weather, hatching midge, and cooperating trout made this day spectacular. I should note that I’m about to make big investments in new and updated photography and video equipment as I am feeling rather limited with what I can do given my current equipment. It’s likely going to take a …

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Mar. 7th 2014: Snowshoes Required


Arrival Time: 10:30am Arrival Air Temp: 37°F Water Temp @ 11:09am 44°F Midge On Arrival Rising On Arrival Water Temp @ 12:27 45°F Water Temp @ 2:30pm 47°F Water Temp @ 3:38pm 48°F I parked and from the roadside without seeing the water, before I turned the ignition off I …

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Mar. 6th 2014

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Arrival Time: 1pm Arrival Air Temp: 27°F Arrival Water Temp: 41°F Small #’s of Midge Present Very limited Rising Departure Time: 3:30pm Departure Air Temp: 30°F Departure Water Temp: 44°F Thick Ice Shelves Present Saw the sun come out and decided a trout needed to be found. The snow was …

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Feb. 16th, 2014 Winter Brookies

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What could make trout fishing in SE Minnesota on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of February in low wind better? Catching nothing but brookies and enjoying every minute, that’s what. On the nicest day of the winter season Carl and I decided that the typical locations would likely …

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Feb. 15th, 2014

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After my skunking a few days prior I decided I needed to go back to the creek and reevaluate my approach. I arrived at noon and set to hiking. I didn’t stop, didn’t linger, didn’t spy for rising fish. I just hiked. Airtemp was predicted to hit 30° but that didn’t happen. …

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Feb. 13th, 2014

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Arrival Time: ~11:15am Arrival Air Temp: ~20°F Winds: Shifting Often ~10-15mph Partly Cloudy Midge Seen on Arrival LB Stones Seen on Arrival Forecasted to be a warmer but windy day. I wanted to avoid the problem of frozen over creeks, ice shelves and the wind but finding a pink line …

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