The last two days were spent hiking and exploring the opposite side of the lake, fishing and enjoying the quiet of the lake we were on. Perhaps one of the best parts about this entire trip was the fact that other than the guy who came with me I was totally alone. Not a single other person was seen or heard, from the time we put the boat in water for the first time to when we pulled it out for the last. The morning we pulled out was chilly and we could tell the rain was rolling in. We opted to skip breakfast and haul which ultimately saw us paddling the majority of six hours out in the pouring rain. The last two hours of the paddle we didn’t say a single word to each other, primarily because we both knew this was the last time we’d get to be here for a while and we should soak it all in and also because wet to the bone, sore and tired we would have probably just groaned.

Post Script: Goals were set for this trip, and some were me but not all of them. The 7hr drive home and the weeks following the trip revealed, in my mind, the mistakes that were made. People go to the BWCA for different reasons and mine were at the core based in solitude and survival. We practiced some of the skills I had meant to practice and did reasonably well. A critical error in judgement on day 1 served to perhaps undercut some of my survival skill goals. Next year, and there will be a next year, we have agreed to make necessary changes to the plan which will further the main goals. With that said we both learned much of what we need to be more successful next time and we enjoyed the entire trip. Furthermore we didn’t run into another human for nearly a week which is something not many can say, of this I was very pleased.

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