So I’ve been fishing, been tying and figuring out how to balance two jobs and a new baby. So far so good. Haven’t posted much this year, would like to change that in the future. Here is the first 48hrs of my BWCA trip this year that I planned my ass off for. Hadn’t been to the BWCA since 2003 and once I got the trip idea in my head it was full steam ahead. Awesome time and hard work. I fished but it wasn’t the sole reason for going. I spent alot of time working on survival skills such as fire making and navigation with a compass. Hope you enjoy it, I’ll be posting the rest of the trip in the coming days.



  1. Good to see a post from you! Love the BWCA and what a great time of year to be up there! I’ve done one September trip up there myself some years ago and have a lot of great memories from that trip. Enjoy your time!

    avatar J.D

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