Sample Site  W.F.F. in the Stream  Cased Caddis Fly Larva on Rock

Finished work today and took another quick run to a stream almost in town. I did essentially the same routine as yesterday but yesterday being my first time taking samples today I found it easier to find what I was looking for. 


Things I found interesting:

-The curious amount of both Scuds and the Cased Caddis found in the picture above on the rock next to the mason jar. 

                          Stuck to a Rock  Whats hiding inside?

-The amount of another insect that I haven’t seen in a stream before, rather I used to see these in basements and under rocks outside. I’m curious if these were around due to the amount of decaying leaves in the water.  I compared them to scuds I found but they really are different. 

Answer: Sowbug – Research, Learn, Fish Smarter. 

                What is this?                            Compare next to a Scud

– I found more stonefly and Baetis nymphs today as well as Trico’s I think… Am I correct in thinking these two below are two types of Baetis? Same shape, size, tail, gills just a different color. 

       Stonefly Nymph Baetis (I think) Two Species of Baetis??


I’m still working on the best way for me to take better images with what I have at hand. I do want to learn about this, I just would rather save for a new rod or something along those lines. So, thats another afternoon tromping in the water. I found so many scuds it was crazy 10-1 for sure. I just had to state that again, I was surprised.


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