Couple quick thoughts for anyone looking to get out tomorrow.

1. Brown water was noted. A lot of snow melted on Friday and although the temps dipped well below freezing overnight water levels were up and the color was off. Not chocolate but heavy discoloration.

2. Airtemp at 10:30am was 36F and water temp was cold…38F. I was obviously concerned that the fish would just be sluggish and shut down. Wrong.

3. My buddy Ryan caught the first of many fish at 10:35am with a small steamer. 10inch Brown.

4. Fish were had all day long. At 12:15pm I hiked back to the spot we started and temped the exact same riffle. Water temp was 40F. I temped the spring flowing in just downstream and it registered 50F.

5. Trout took a streamers in runs and deeper water. No fish were had in shallow riffles.

6. Midge were hatching in the afternoon however almost no rising trout were found.

Tomorrow the air temps will be in the 20s and I expect that the run-off from today which was minimal will begin to dissipate allowing the water to clear up. I really think tomorrow has the makings of an excellent day but truth be told…it will be hard to follow today. I’ll have to do a proper write up regarding the events that unfolded today when I’m at work tomorrow. Needless to say today will go down in the books as perhaps one of my favorite days trout fishing.

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