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Biot Comparadun: #16 BWO

  • Hook: #16 Dry Fly
  • Thread: Olive UTC 70
  • Tail: Dun Microfibbets
  • Wing: Dun Deer Hair
  • Body: Olive Turkey Biot
  • Thorax: BWO Dubbing
  • Head: Olive UTC Thread

Critical Thoughts: The wing is too long on some of the flies I tied, tails as well. The wing should sit more at a 45 degree angle to the rear and should maybe be a bit further towards the hook barb than in this example. Color is a decent match but the photos here do not do color any justice. I tied half with a lighter olive dubbing for the thorax and half darker. All in all I’ll venture to say they will bring a trout to surface and are a bit better option than what I currently have in my dry fly box, with that said more in a #18 and #20 are needed.

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