Excellent.The day was more about meeting up with a few friends of mine who happened to inform me of their camping plans not to far from my home but I managed to sneak a few hours of fishing in before they were to arrive. I had planned one route but as fate were to have it I made a wrong turn not thinking and decided to roll with the punches. I picked a spot that was close using this new route and drove, satisfied just to be in the moment of driving to my fishing destination.

Recent rain had muddied the stream a bit but I decided to press on. I had fished this spot once before and found it to be barren despite the appearance of greatness at the time. I don’t like writing a stretch of trout water off until I’ve given it a few attempts with failing outcomes each time, today was this spot’s second chance. With nothing rising and the heat on I rigged nymphs and attempted to go deep but found nothing but rocks on the bottom. I lost a few flies and managed to get almost no strikes, I did miss the one for-sure strike I had. After two hours of getting nowhere in the sun I pulled out to move closer to the final destination.

The Guys Hiking the StreamI fished up a second stretch that I had fished early in my fly fishing infancy and although I’m still learning this craft I have improved significantly this season and it showed on the stream today. Able to cast now to locations that had been so distant the last time I had visited here I was hoping for good fortune, all I found was spin fisherman and rusty looking water. I made only a few casts, the last one found me slipping on a rock while shooting line which resulted in a bruised and sore right leg and arm, this prompted me to go find the boys.

I knew that they were around I just had to find them, after a few minutes I saw two smaller lads and a larger fellow. I parked and was greeted by the two boys and Wendy B. We talked trout, gardens, kids and hung out while camp was prepared. Tenting alone with two young ones has got to be more difficult than fly fishing but Wendy made it look easy.  With my rod rigged we took the boys down to the water to play and attempt to take a trout or two but the one take I had I lost. Afterwards hotdogs were prepared and hungry stomachs were filled, excellent to see two young boys pay more attention to the raw onion over the hotdog and to hear James proclaim that the hotdog has more protein than the onion (smart boy). No fish for my efforts but it was a good day just the same.

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  1. Cool pics man – thanks for posting those. It’s interesting to see another camera angle.

    Thanks for dropping by for dinner – it was good to catch up. Your trico patterns were good the following morning. I did cut out some of the CDC to thin the wings a bit.

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