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I had an opportunity to fish some new trouty looking water with a friend of mine recently, although we didn’t have much time to fish and we chose to hike more than cast we still had a good morning. It’s easy to find a good morning in the Driftless Area. I woke, readied myself and called Sershen. Typically I’m the one biting at the bit to get to waters edge but this morning I called and expected to be waiting a bit but the voice on the other end of the phone promptly said “I’m already on my way man.” Now that’s sweet. We drove to water I hadn’t fished before. On arrival we hiked for close to half an hour to get to the run Sershen had in his head. Rigged, he ran a bright orange scud through and pulled out a brightly colored +14″  brown. I used Heath’s camera for those photos and I haven’t gotten them yet but when I do I’ll add them in. I do, however, remember thinking that the bright orange scud almost blended with the colors on the fish.

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I rigged a typical two fly rig with a larger scud and a pink patrick trailer and moved upstream to take a smaller brown. Nothing spectacular to report this time out, water looked good but on the low side which has been the case most of this summer. Other than scuds everywhere there were no hatching tricos and I didn’t bother temping the water, I can tell you it felt cold. We hiked upstream and enjoyed the morning but found little opportunities to take trout so we opted to drop back to where we were picking up fish earlier. Hitting the same run Sershen took his nicer fish from earlier, I made several passes. Nothing. This run was very deep as a result of H.I. work, I added weight and adjusted my strike indicator but still nothing. Finally I took a cue from Heath and dropped the indicator and let the flies go down, down, WAY down, drift a bit and as I lifted the rod a slight hint of tension….bing. Trout on! The depth of this run made for a good fight as he dove for cover. Fish landed, photo taken and back in the water it was time to leave. Good to whack a trout before the home begins to stir, know what I mean?

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