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Spent some time searching a new creek for the fabled “honey hole”. Guys talk about these secrets using code, the only way to find them? Get in and start hiking, simple as that. We always want the easy, the right in front of us, the too good to be true, put some work into it and it adds a whole new sense of worth and value this is true of most everything including trout hunting. Some of my most favorite places to be are places no human has been in a long time, when you are in these places you can feel it. A friend of mine and I decided to go searching yesterday. We hiked upstream noting fishy lies, numbers and specie of trout along with the sizes we were seeing. The goal here was not only to catch a fish but to find those spots no one else knows about.

Notable Happenings: Heath had his hopper stolen from him by a fish that turned and chased downstream after his fly only to smash it so hard it left with it stuck in its jaw. While hiking in the stream only three feet wide with 6+ft tall weeds all around us we woke something that left both of us re-thinking continuing on. Likely not a deer as we would have seen it bounding away. It was bigger, or it sounded bigger, maybe a coyote sleeping in the grasses? Several times we came to points of no return…we continued on.

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  1. I keep thinking about that snag that I lost my lucky hopper in. Although we did not see the fish that hit my fly and instantly broke me off I suspect that it was one worth returning for pending it survives having a #8 hopper in its lip. Next time? I am gonna pack some bear spray.

  2. I love bush wacking, when the grass gets higher then your eyes, and you’re second guessing your every step. Then in front of you the noises start… and you say to yourself “Maybe that’s far enough for today”, then the grass settles down and you find those honey holes. Love it…

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