April 7th, 2011: #8 Hairball

[singlepic id=2489 w=495 h=415 float=center]

I was informed last evening that a friend of mine and fellow trout angler was injured while working and had to have surgery on his leg involving a bone plate. It’s the beginning of the trout season, beginning of the summer and he will be sidelined for a good portion of the next few months. This one’s for him and his family, to a quick recovery man we’ll be on the water soon.[nggallery id=197]


  1. Good luck to your buddy and a speedy recovery. Nice looking day and a great fish.


  2. Thanks Ben, I know I’d be in rough shape if I was looking at sitting around for the next couple months. Hopefully things go well and there is no long-term damage.

    As for the fish…I don’t know I just can’t keep the larger ones away…rough to be me I know.

  3. Yeah, I’d be going out of my mind too. Wish I had the same “big fish problem” that you do…that would be nice…


  4. yikes! anyone I know? I wish them a speedy recovery. It’s bad enough I have to sit here and look at all your fish porn while our rivers are cresting at flood stage. Hopefully one of these months the water will be fishable….

  5. My jealousy for you and Wendy matches JP’s. You two are killing it and I am stuck reading blogs and looking through old pictures. Keep lighting it up!

    Got that 7 wt built?

  6. Dirty fish. Well done.

    Speedy recovery to your guy.

    Going to tie up some SMBesque stuff tonight. Been losing a few of those. Might hybridize it with Root River Special. I’ve been putting those bigger flies as lead in tandem rigs… and fish are just destroying the larger flies. Both on dead drifts and on twitch or strip.

  7. I feel for you JP, seems like you’ve spent the last few years looking at high water. Here’s hoping you get to it sooner than later.

    JM, I’ve got to get a few components, meeting with the rod builder I’ll be working with in a couple weeks. I think I can have it done but I’ve got to get motivated.

    Wendy, I wouldn’t mind seeing what you come up with. Gotta get out man, gray caddis…

  8. Awesome brown trout– you’re knocking ’em dead.

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