Used this test subject to search some larger, deeper, uglier looking water.

[singlepic id=2482 w=495 h=415 float=center]

It took a Tiger Trout… My first ever, awesome!

[singlepic id=2483 w=495 h=415 float=center]

Then it took something a bit larger…19 1/2inches to be exact.

[singlepic id=2485 w=495 h=415 float=center]

[singlepic id=2486 w=495 h=415 float=center]

It was lost to a snag…then the #6 Brown SMB saved the day…18 1/2 inches.

[singlepic id=2487 w=495 h=415 float=center]

Needless to say this was a very good afternoon. Got ran almost to my backing (a rarity around here), landed two of the largest trout I’ve managed this season, didn’t lose a single fish or hookset for that matter, caught a tiger trout, (wow) all in the span of a couple hours. I apologize for the crappy photo edit but it had to be done if not for me for the innocent fish that live here. I spent little time taking pictures of these trout (thus the reason for the crappy edit) as I wanted them back in the creek and quickly, both were hard fighters, a seriously heart racing excellent time, they both kicked water in my face as they left my hands. Looks like I should go searching a bit more, maybe tweek my proto-type and get a few more tied up. I love this sh*t….


  1. Still remembering the run the first big brown made when I set the hook, straight downstream through a deep run, alot of flow helping it and all I could do was hope it was going to turn and come back up. The tiger was so unexpected, I almost thought I had some kind of roughfish at first, kind of thinner and silvery under the surface. The tiger will go down as the fish of the day for this one. Thanks again guys.

  2. AWESOME! I live for days like that. It really mellows out my addiction, allows me to concentrate on other things for a day or two. Congrats on the Tiger, I have yet to touch one, can’t wait for the day it happens.
    I wanted to mention too that your flies are looking really good, It’s been fun watching your style progress!
    Have a great season!

    avatar Ross Brecke
  3. Ross,

    Thanks for the kind words regarding my tying. I really take pride in the work I put into them. As for the addiction issue…I’m actually in the opposite place right now, after feeling my heart jump into the unhealthy fast range I’m ready to get out there again and see what else this season has in-store for me. With that said I can go a couple days but not many…Thanks again.

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