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I fished for some portion of each day following the opener on the first. Fished different water and saw Grey Caddis and Baetis coming off regularly. The Grey Caddis kicked in most days around the 12-1pm range and continued to bring trout up through the early evening hours. The larger #14-16 flies showed up first and as the days progressed the smaller #18-20 flies arrived later. I spent one afternoon fishing the SMB and a #18 Grey Caddis imitation back to back. I’d approach a spot and knock the handful of smaller trout willing to take the dry fly then proceed to target the larger trout with the streamer. I remember sitting on a boulder in the middle of the creek with my feet in the creek thinking how excellent things can get. With my abundance of free time I plan to spend as many hours out of cell phone range as possible, the fishing will continue and continue to get better. When I wasn’t fishing the Grey Caddis hatch I was targeting some new non-designated water for larger trout. I rolled a couple nicer trout but missed them, my concolation prize… a couple Northern Pike with one pushing the 24inch mark, not bad for the 3wt.

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  1. I wish I had an “Abundance” of free time to fish! Looks like your having a great season so far man! It’s my goal this year to catch a whole bunch of new fish on my fly rod, including some pike and carp and maybe even try for a walleye or something. By the way you’ve got me interested in the mousing thing too, I’ve been tying a bunch since I figure I’ll lose a lot in the dark! It’s gonna be the best year yet!

    avatar Ross
  2. Right on Ross! My best advice for the night fishing is to fish it during the day several times so you know the snags, the distances and where the trout hold. You’ll lose alot fewer flies and catch more fish. Goodluck man, if you get into something good let me know and if you learn something along the way I’m open to all suggestions. Take care.

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