April 28th, She Went Again

Liz and the WaterNot much to report, recent rains have done little to muddy water or raise flows much. Fished the Grey Caddis hatch again, observed two of the same caddis but one in a size 16 and one about a 20-22. I’m curious if they are two of the same variety of caddis but two different sub-varieties that would have similar hatching time/characteristics but produce one small and one larger caddis. It was nice to look over at Liz while fishing, she landed two smaller trout after I fished the hatch.

[nggallery id=67]


  1. Jason,

    Tell me there is a fly and bubble at the end of that line coming off the spinning reel?

    PT/TB 🙂

  2. Amazing site, that one trout looks almost like a golden.

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