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Stream-side at close to 6:30am. Trying to see a brute of a Brown and this time of the year is one of the better to make that happen. As the water temps steady and stay just a bit warmer the trout become more and more active. I rigged a #6 Sprinkle Me Baby and hopped holes with a buddy of mine in search of a larger trout. The third drift of the morning I watched a Brown pushing 18-20 inches follow my fly practically to my feet before snubbing it, turning never to be seen again. Unfortunately this was to be a routine occurrence through the course of the day resulting in some frustration as the day wore on. When the trout did strike a combination of issues resulted in lost opportunity after lost opportunity. The trout were biting but very lightly which prompted more than a few poor hook sets. I managed to hook into a few nicer fish but a few seconds after the strike I was staring at a limp line, [singlepic id=1429 w=420 h=340 float=left]shake, shake, rattle and roll. I was left empty handed. We fished upstream until we ran out of water, at this point there was just enough time to hit a second spot before priorities had to be dealt with.

The second stream is a favorite of mine and I know it well, knew where the fish were. The rocks said BWO’s, a few scattered rises were seen but water temps at noon were pushing 55 degrees, past the point for the B-Dub. I stuck with the streamer to continue my day of lost trout, stupid at this point. I should have opted for nymphs but instead I was determined to be a stubborn ass and three fish over 16inches later I was still empty handed. I should have swapped to nymphs earlier but never quite got there. I left empty handed, first time this year…

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