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Tomorrow is the greatest day of the year, forget the pink lines hello any and all water that flows. Been waiting for this day since January 1st, I love the winter season but we didn’t have much of one this year. With the nicer weather (I have notes that state last April 22nd was only 40°F at 9am) myself and the rest of the trout fishing community have been itching to see whats happening in our favorite spots. Tomorrow…. The Five S. From 6:30am until I decide to stop, note: the mouse patterns are in the box incase I push it right up until the 11pm curfew. This sexy section of creek has been dancing through my mind since last September when I had to say good bye for a few months. Tomorrow we will see how things are shaping up and perhaps I may run into a trout or two. I’ll let you know what we find. After tomorrow the sky is the limit, after work, over lunch, late nights, three day weekends… fishing constantly. It’s a rough life living in the middle of trout town. Good luck out there tomorrow, may the bugs be with you.


  1. can’t wait to see the update. I’m heading to Rushford/Peterson area the 21st-ish. I’ll be following your reports to see how the driftless is fishing as the date approaches to see what tips I can pick up. Good luck!

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