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Spent pretty much the entire day fishing on the 1st. Met up with Sershen early and fished the Five S. Bumped my first fish on the fourth cast, turns out it would be the longest for the day. I fished the SMB and the JB (Jungle Boogie) pretty much all day. Got to check up on one of my favorite creeks in Southeast Minnesota, enjoy the sun and do what I’ve grown to love, target trout on the snaggiest creek I know of. Airtemp in the morning was ~44 or so on arrival, overcast with minimal wind. The creek was a bit low and stained, ideal for what I wanted to do. Pretty damn good considering last April 22nd, I have notes fishing this spot at 8:30am with an airtemp of ~40. Fish took streamers in the shallower ~3ft deep portions of the creek but hesitated in the deep pools.

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Moved out to fish another spot after Sershen and I split. I used the wind at my back to propel my heavy flies with a roll cast. As the early afternoon wore on the Grey Caddis came out for a solid two hours from 1-3pm (some days it lasted much later in the day). As I would see first hand this was the case pretty much everyday this first week of the season. A couple hard fighting fat browns were seen during the short time between fishing with Sershen and when I met up with Carl. I wanted to put Carl on water that was out of his element, no dry flies here, just fat streamers, dark water and big trout. We fished the later afternoon into early evening landing a good number of brown trout before pulling off to hit the night fishing spot to end the day. The fishing was good, not the best but better than the last C&R opener, either way I would have been satisfied not catching a thing. Being able to hike and fish all the water I’ve missed for the last few months made the day awesome and knowing that for the next few months I can pick up and fish where ever whenever made it that much better.

Note: This post was finished and ready to go on April 2nd but due to a bad file/computer crash I was forced to re-write it and between my lack of motivation and over abundance of time spent fishing this is what we get. I hate forcing out a post after the fact. Sorry guys.

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