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Snuck in a couple more hours on the creek, again looking for Caddis to assess. This particular creek put off the first boil hatch I had ever seen, if you were driving by you’d swear the water was boiling with the number of rise forms occuring. Today a handful of caddis could be found here and there bringing a fish or two to the surface every so often. In the past I would have likely ignored those couple rises and just stuck a nymph on. I just didn’t want to fish a nymph, I wanted the rise and I didn’t care if it was going to be from a 4inch trout, of which I did land a couple. Each run that I witnessed atleast one rise occur while observing I opted to fish first with the #16 EHC (I’m working the pattern specifics out, more later.) Enevitably every spot I chose to put the EHC on first I landed a handful or more with the dry fly. This is a confidence booster, presentation. I fished a couple deeper spots with the #8 Black Hairball and basically spent most of the day looking around and enjoying the sun then split when rain came. I found a few larger stoneflies along with a bunch of wildflowers, the first I’ve seen this year. The largest fish to surface for the EHC was a 13in brown looking healthy, the #8 Hairball took one 14inch brown and a handful of smaller ones. So the important thing here…learn where/when a hatch has the potential to occur and follow it. My bet is that if you pick it right you can fish this particular hatch for a month maybe longer. It is in it’s infancy on this creek, over the next week or so it will ramp up and knowing what I know now, next year I should be able to fish dry flies for a solid month bouncing from creek to creek.

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