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This went down yesterday. Arrival time 1pm, departure ~7:30pm. The Grey Caddis had been going for a while when we arrived, I bet on the nicer days with low winds/higher air temps (55°F+) they’d kick off maybe as early as 10/11am. They were going basically all day and the trout followed. The downside was the low/gin clear water, it amplified every mistake and an anxious fly angler looking to pound trout with ease would be wise to learn from my mistakes yesterday… slow… d…o..w.n. Give the run and the trout time to rest, stay low, be patient. Lord I bet I’d have caught twice the numbers if I would have been a bit less eager to pound them like I have in previous years. When the waters up and you have a cushion or even a bit of stain you can make those mistakes and get away with it, here and now…you can’t. Get out while you can, tomorrow may be beautiful between the supposed showers and with the higher air temp I bet things will work out well for the dry fly angler. Go find a blue line and I bet most will have something like this going down over the next week or more. Good luck, I’ll post the photos from yesterday (some of them are awesome, right Carl?) and an additional bug report later, I’ve also got a couple missed days I need to catch up on.



  1. You didn’t head down that hill without me, did you? Looks like a great time. I may be wrong but it looks awfully familiar. I cant wait to get my rod set up. I still haven’t got the other two sent back so who knows what this season is going to turn into. Glad to see you have been getting out. I was all over trout country for work today and could do nothing but stare and daydream. One of these days.

    Tight lines, my friend!

    avatar S.T.Fanatic
  2. I recognize a few things there.

    Mildly upset that life has not allowed me a window to the caddis yet this spring. Ridiculous number of fish to hand thus far but no caddis action. I’m about to force things; simply cancel appointments and take a day off work. It’s April. The situation merits such measures.

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