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Most days I prefer trout and trees over people.

-the w.f.f.




  1. Greetings!
    Good to see you back and with a revamped site to boot. I like the new look. I just wanted to say hi, introduce myself, and wish you all the best of luck and happiness in your beautiful corner of the planet. I now live in Colorado and fish the small streams on the Front Range. We used to live in Stillwater, MN, where I learned to fly fish, mainly in Wisconsin. Was in the Driftless last June during the deluge, so did little fishing but had a blast cruising the area again. I love the Driftless! I wish we could live there, but….
    Here’s to you,

  2. So darn nice to see you are up and at ’em again! Best wishes Justin.

  3. Looking tidy here. Great work. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks for the idea and picture of the brass ass peacock and grouse soft hackle. Tied several today and caught nice fish on trout run. Great soft hackle that will be in my fly box for a long while.


  5. Hey I am a freshman at winona state. I have been flyfishing for about 8 years now and would like to keep going espeicallly because I choose to attend school in the heart of the driftless. I would love it if you could help point me in the right direction for streams and maybe a fly shop because I can not seem to find one. The closest one I can find is in viroqua. I do love that shop but it is pretty far and I am a poor college student. I would love it if you could help me out.

  6. Hi,
    My name is Joe Zimbric. I just graduated from college and this summer I got into fly fishing after taking an entomology class. I’m still learning the ropes and I’m still pretty bad, but I like to be out wading in the stream. I’ve been out a handful of times this summer but I’ve had limited success. My friend Walter Meine said that you might be willing to help out. Do you think I could tag along with you one day yet this fall? Great website by the way!

    • Joe, sorry I’ve been MIA for quite a while. I hope to be back more frequently but like you I am in school and quite busy. Walter Meine… it’s been a while since I’ve seen Walter, hell of a catfisherman. If I get time maybe I can see about a day this winter. Take care.

  7. Hey Justin,
    I was checking a few websites out and came across yours. My wife and I just bought Howard Hackle and brought his breeding stock from AB, Canada to the Driftless region of MN. We will have our first inventory available this time next year. We very much enjoy your website and would be very interested in chatting with you sometime soon.
    Chris & Patty
    Root River Hackle

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