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I like tying flies mainly due to the large amount of creative freedom and connection with the process of fly fishing it provides. As a result of this interest I am almost always spying craft stores, garage sales, even the local salvation army for any items that would make good tying materials. This past weekend Liz and I stopped in to drop off literally a truck load of stuff from our basement, mainly clothes/electronics and stuff others will get more use from. After completing our drop off we scoured the store for the occasional odd item, we do this often as it’s ever changing in the salvation army, it’s a fun afternoon activity and a five dollar bill can go a long ways. Towards the end of our adventure I turned the corner and saw…tinsel. No? Crystal Icicles? No… Pearl Tinsel!! I scooped the package up, examined it, new instantly what I had in my hands and began to clutch tight the now very important item. The asking price… fifty cents!! At home I quickly pulled out my roll of pearl tinsel and compared it, exactly the same only the “icicles” were just ever so slightly wider, not by much at all so in my opinion this is the same product. It pays to keep your eyes peeled and your bench in the front of your mind. Now it’s time  for a bit of math…

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  • 500 Strands at 18 Inches = 9000 Inches
  • 9000 Inches by 12 Inches in a Foot = 750 Feet of Tinsel
  • So 750 feet at 50 cents, that’s .000667 cents per foot.
  • Let’s say a dozen wing cases per foot. That’s .000056 cents a fly for the wingcase that is if you need an inch for a single wingcase.
  • Consider the Wingcase as free now, the Pheasant tails came free compliments of my dog and the Peacock Herl was donated to the fly factory by a friend and even the beads are craft store beads. The only cost here is the hook, the wire rib, and the wraps of weight under the body.

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  1. nice. I picked up a lifetime supply a few years back at walmart during xmas. A buck for a huge skein of icicles, aka pearl tinsel. They also had gold and silver, and a red, green, blue mix. The best part is the colored tinsel had flecks on it that resembled scales. I love a good fly tying bargain!

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