A Month Away…

[singlepic id=2351 w=495 h=415 float=center]


This sexy piece of trout water becomes fishable on April 1st, I’m looking forward to the rest of our streams opening up for Catch and Release angling next month. Until then I’ll continue to fish the sections of creek that are designated for winter angling in S.E. Minnesota. It’s about time for some warmer weather and new scenery.


  1. That is a sexy pool. Everything is still locked up around here, but soon the Pine will open and the tube-nosed Trout will be sucking up my nymphs……

  2. I’ve been day dreaming about this particular pool for over a month now, I know what lives here. Looking forward to hearing about those tube-nosed trout. Spring is a great time to be an angler.

  3. Good luck man! I’d been eying that contest some time with envy, but it is way out of my league. Case in point. I’m sure they’ll love the contribution. They have great stuff.

  4. ooops, that was supposed to be on the Hairball pattern post. Sorry! but yeah, that water looks great too!

  5. Thanks for the thoughts, I hope they like the fly, it’s maybe not the most conventional but we’ll see how they respond, either way the fish around here dig it and I’m good with that.

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