I am not a book reviewer nor do I tend to read poetry much. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it but I haven’t dedicated time to learn to enjoy it the way I might after reading this book. Justin’s poems and prose are relatable and cause me to reflect on moments in my own life. I’ve read this book three times since it was delivered and I know I’ll end up keeping it in my bag a while to pull out when the time is right. It has accompanied me on a few hikes down the riprap of the Mississippi river lately and has been a good companion as I stare out across the water watching the barges pass. Stories of trout, the northwoods, hard work and death cause me to reflect more on my own days. If you live in S.E. Minnesota or the driftless area or if you prefer to spend time outside fishing, hiking, hunting or just existing then I think you will likely find something that will speak to you on these pages. I’m linking amazon below where you can purchase the book if you are so inclined. I have enjoyed every page and I think you will as well.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Permanence-Justin-Watkins/dp/0999043072


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