Went to a favorite spot of mine this evening. Cloudy skies kept the temperature cool but still saw rising fish. Wind and crystal clear extremely slow moving water made hooking up trout difficult but thats partly why I chose to fish this spot. I like a challenge and a big trout and in the pools on this stream there is a steady supply of 12in and larger brown trout. Circling like sharks I watched them chase each other around the water. 


Started with a #20 BWO and got a good size brown off the bat. Kept some slack in my line due to the extremely slow moving water, didnt want to throw the fish off by having my fly drag its way through the water. After the first one nothing else wanted anything to do with my fly. 


Plan ‘B’ started with a variety of terrestrials including this weird yellow worm looking thing I’ve been wanting to try, lots of looks and no takes. Switched to a #12 Simulator and once again good looks and snubbed. Switched to a black spider looking thing I have and got another nice brown above 14in. Kept fishing that through the rest of the time on the water, two more takes but I managed to allow the fish to “give me the fin”


Both fish fought hard and tangled themselves in some serious weeds. Took almost five minutes to get the second one out of the mess it dug itself into trying to escape my net. It was unable to out run me. 


Although I only got two tonight it felt good to go slow, take my time and use some of the information I have been reading about to help me catch two in a place a few months ago I would have just passed up knowing the difficulty of the task. It was a good time.


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