Quick update regarding the past two days. Trout streams are in good shape and the good conditions will continue into next week when the weather warms up more. Got out for a couple hours on both the 9th and the 10th. Friday was a quick in and out 12-2pm. Streamers moved fish immediately and midge were noted in the air and on the banks. The trout are active this time of year eagerly searching for food as the weather begins to warm. First fish of the day was a nice brown pushing 18inches, maybe more. I took a few photos and sent her back to the creek. I hiked down a favorite stretch and took note of the midge and few rising fish. I didn’t see anything that made me switch to a dry fly and the streamer moved fish in almost every location. The fish were holding up in the riffles, shallow water held the best fish of the day. Water was clear and didn’t stain at all while I was out, the overnight temperatures dipping below freezing puts us in a perfect pattern of active fish and bugs during the day with minimal run-off overnight.

Today I got out for a couple hours with my daughter from 10-12:30pm or so. We keep the expectations realistic and both times I’ve taken her with me she has far exceeded my best expectations. She seems content watching the water and taking in the outdoors. I didn’t do much in the way of photos, I figure managing her and my rod should be my priorities. Not once did she give me any sign that she didn’t want to be in the pack or was bored. I caught a decent number of smaller browns on a streamer, I thought about nymphing but everytime I considered it I’d pick up another fish. I grinned often when she would notice a hooked fish jump from the water causing her to laugh or say “Oooooooo.” She’s my kid alright. She passed out in the pack before I could get her back for lunch, I considered just rocking it out for a while but I knew the afternoon would be thrown off if the schedule wasn’t somewhat maintained so we packed it in and headed home. Side note: little black stoneflies were everywhere on this creek. Trout were holding far up in the riffles and often would chase my fly to the shallowest of areas. Crystal clear water again the entire time I was out fishing.



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