Back to swinging streamers as the snow came falling down yesterday. It’s easy to be frustrated with a snowstorm in the first week of April especially after we managed to avoid any major run-off problems over the past few weeks. I strung my rod as big wet flakes fell rapidly around me, as it melted on the car windows I thought of the next few days and if this new round of snow would effect the streams. I was back on big water doing the spring streamer swing for big fish. I tend to approach water like this with a down and across presentation casting my flies into every dark or rocky area on the other side of the stream and let the fly sink then rise as my line tightens up downstream. I typically strip it back in as close to the bank I’m standing on as possible. In water like this the trout use any bit of cover to protect themselves and often its just a small undercut that is easily overlooked.

Not much to say other than the afternoon was picturesque as the snow collected on everything. I swung streamers downstream as I went and fished the deeper sections with a dead drift. I managed a handful of browns but didn’t see anything over 14-15inches. The wind picked up a bit and the fast water under cloudy skies set a very dark and calm mood as I hiked downstream. I fish downstream on one bank and flip fishing upstream on the opposite bank, this gives me the opportunity to dead drift the deeper areas that are more difficult from the opposite bank. I love the snow and even though I am ready for warmer days, budding trees and greener landscapes, most of the winter was spent with a half brown backdrop. I fished and enjoyed the snow falling around me.


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts and viewing your photography. You’re obviously very creative. Thanks for all the effort you put into this site and sharing with us.

    I’ve noticed you tend to fish streamers far more often than you nymph. In this scenario, with bigger water, I understand the use of the streamer swing. Yet in many posts you are on narrow streams and yet you appear to use streamers predominantly. When I get the few chances to visit the area I find myself rigging my 3wt and either nymphing or using a dry/drop. Do you care to share your thoughts on why you appear to prefer streamers in even the skinniest of water? It obviously works extremely well for you and I’m thinking of trying it myself.

    avatar Dan
    1. Dan, I have been working on an article regarding streamers and how I approach fishing them in this area which I hope to have finished in the coming days. I will include some information on how I approach fishing streamers on the smaller creeks and how I decide what to fish for the day. I appreciate the thoughtful comment and suggestion. If you have questions after the post goes up feel free to get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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