I went back to some dirty streamer water yesterday. Dirty as in nasty, as in nasty big fish live here not dirty as in stained or nasty as in unclean. This kind of water holds much fewer trout and it’s big, wide water, mostly sand and muck bottom with the random assortment of natural structure and cover. The stream had a moderate stain to it which I expected would help me out, sometimes it can make all the difference in the world. This type of water has been responsible for days with multiple trout over 18 inches and conversely it’s been responsible for sending me packing with little to show for an entire day of swinging streamers. Because of it’s size and population density it’s not what I would consider a candidate for nymphing but I guess I’ve not given it a serious go either, it just doesn’t strike me as productive here. In a run there may only be two or three trout and who knows if they’ll even see the small nymphs. I toss big flies and retrieve them looking for those who are willing to chase down prey. I’ve had spectacular days on this type of water, this was not one of them. It wasn’t horrible either but I knew shortly after I started fishing that it just wasn’t going to be one of those memorable days.

I missed a few and landed a few but I was having to feed the trout, get my flies right in front of their faces on a silver platter before they would commit. The best days here are when they come chasing out from the deep to crush flies. I hiked with the sun on my shoulders in low wind while wet wading. It doesn’t get much better than that. I could have jumped ship and tried to find caddis in larger numbers but I figured I was out for the hike in a beautiful place. I had landed a few fish and maybe, just maybe, I might roll something larger if I pressed on. I switched the color of my fly from a natural dark olive to a brighter orange which seemed to help some later in the afternoon. I fished from 11-2:30pm and landed maybe a dozen brown trout ranging from 8 inches to maybe just under 16 inches. The last fish on the day was a beautiful specimen that I’ve known this water to put up. I love those spots…

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