I’ll be brief, conditions the past two days have been excellent. Tomorrow will be the same or better for dry fly fishing and being outside in general, I plan to take advantage of it while I can. I spent a few hours under cloudy skies on the 10th tossing a heavy streamer into dark crags hoping something larger would come running out, several did but nothing over 18 inches. I had a request recently to post information regarding my approach to streamer fishing in the Driftless and I am happy to oblige. I have a post written, I just need to finalize a few things and it will be released which will hopefully help those of you who are on the fence with regards to streamers and maybe you just need a bit of information to get started or maybe you do things differently and we can start a dialogue. With that in mind I’ll save the minutia of the 10th, I hiked, I fished, I caught and then I went home. It was a successful evening in my book. The daylight sticking around later is quite nice and evidence of spring can be found if you look, move some snow and dead leaves and it’s under there just waiting to explode. I’m starting to think of morels.

Today I fished a small stream looking to toss dry flies which serves as practice for the day I have planned tomorrow. I found rising trout immediately as I started hiking downstream. Fished from 12-3pm under sunny to partly cloudy skies with an air temperature of ~48°F topping out at 53°F as I drove off the creek. The trout were feeding on tiny midges when I arrived, no BWO’s initially. I hiked downstream and fished a few deeper holes with a streamer before hiking back up to rig a #20 Griffiths Gnat (what an excellent fly the GG is). Several fish fell victim to my dry fly before I watched the first BWO float past, it was almost 2pm. As soon as the first olive floated past I noticed a change in the rising and I switched my fly accordingly. Over the next hour I would touch close to thirty smaller to medium brown trout with the largest topping out at 14 inches. I fished two excellent holes and maybe moved a hundred yards total, I relish these days as I typically only get a few of them each year. It’s days like these that got me hooked on fly fishing for trout in the driftless.


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