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Worked on a few new patterns while the house was empty. I call these the Heron Scuds, I am predicting they are promptly crushed upon presentation to trout in gin clear water conditions. Using one of a few feathers I have found while stalking trout, from one of natures greatest trout stalkers, I made a fishy lookin’ morsel. Scuds and Sowbugs are among the more prevalent food source in our waters, it only makes sense to tie them up and fish them. The Maccaffertium Nymph (March Brown) could be a bit more accurate but this nymph is hard to imitate with its wide flat body. I attempted with turkey feathers to form the majority of the body including the long bright tails these nymphs have. I tied the underbelly with a cream antron dubbing because these nymphs have a drastically different colored underbelly and I think imitating this will serve to help trigger takes. I should note that Brian fishing the Truckee turned me onto this approach to tying stoneflies which I adapted for this purpose. Here’s to January and the potential it holds, you know where I’ll be.

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