Chironomidae & S.E. Minnesota

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Chironomidae (Diptera): The Non-Biting Midge. They have been everywhere as of late it seems. I was hoping to see more of them this winter season as the last few years hadn’t given up many large emergences that I was able to take advantage of. That’s not to say Midge didn’t …

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Video: Find the Midge

find the midge featured

Beautiful weather, hatching midge, and cooperating trout made this day spectacular. I should note that I’m about to make big investments in new and updated photography and video equipment as I am feeling rather limited with what I can do given my current equipment. It’s likely going to take a …

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Mar. 7th 2014: Snowshoes Required


Arrival Time: 10:30am Arrival Air Temp: 37°F Water Temp @ 11:09am 44°F Midge On Arrival Rising On Arrival Water Temp @ 12:27 45°F Water Temp @ 2:30pm 47°F Water Temp @ 3:38pm 48°F I parked and from the roadside without seeing the water, before I turned the ignition off I …

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Mar. 6th 2014

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Arrival Time: 1pm Arrival Air Temp: 27°F Arrival Water Temp: 41°F Small #’s of Midge Present Very limited Rising Departure Time: 3:30pm Departure Air Temp: 30°F Departure Water Temp: 44°F Thick Ice Shelves Present Saw the sun come out and decided a trout needed to be found. The snow was …

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